The intersection of where spirituality, art, and meditation merge is the space where my practice lives. As a lifelong learner and teacher in the arts of ballroom dance, classical piano and academic subjects, it felt natural to expand into this more personal area where I have found my calling and bloomed into who I am proud to be today. 

This question of who am I nags at us every day when we are unsatisfied with where we are. For me, who am I was manifested in my career choices, my romantic and family relationships and finding the hope to thrive. I began to incorporate the ancient art of meditation into my life as a daily practice in California. I then pushed myself to explore at a deeper level. I devoted my entire being to this through living in rigid conditions in a meditation training center in South Korea. I overcame new physical demands and found focus despite internal and external distractions. After many months of practice  I learned the path to my inner peace. 

My heart has always been in art. The Focus Point is where art and meditation join paths. Looking at art helps us process our energy to regain the meditative state. For me, it is a shortcut to that peaceful place where I have already pushed my stresses and worries out of consciousness. Creating personalized and Soul art to assist others in finding their peace is rewarding.

I am a global citizen. With many places I have called home, these intercultural experiences have shaped and widened my views of humanity. Those closest to me have noticed my progression from being a  serious, reserved, burdened person to having found my confidence to change the things that I can and accepting of the things I cannot. Through this process I am lighter, worry less and know that I am always where I am meant to be. It feels like I have reverse aged! I cannot wait to share this ability of unburdening with you. Together we will share this journey.